Thursday, November 8, 2012

beach necessities

With summer fast approaching it's important to update the gear we take
to the beach...with me it's all about the look so here are some of my fav's
for this summer at the beach

these towels are showing up everywhere from mags, to shops! Why so popular?
Turkish towels/hamamas are a light weight towel, super absorbent and fast drying
all bonus's for when going to the beach and they get softer the more you wash....
still not sold on them... they can be used as a table cloth, throw, sarong etc
Super stylish

the bag i would look no further then the queen of beach gear --tigerlily

Tigerlily’s Abbaca bag is made from 100% hand woven abbaca in the most striking mixture of colours. Great sized beach bag or large shopping bag. $99.95.
Tigerlily’s Bahia beach bag it is a nice medium sized bag. It is made from 100% jute straw and lined with organic cotton- yum! $79.95.

tomorrow i will share some more key items for this summer to help you stay looking
fabulous on the beach...x

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