Monday, July 9, 2012

collette dinnigans home

 Australian fashion designer Collette Dinnigan's home in Sydney, Australia, as seen on Marie Claire Italy.
Bright and airy,  full of fresh flowers, decorated with a muted neutral scheme emphasizing the amazing shapes and sizes of selective touches, spacious green outdoors space, everything about Collette Dinnigan's house is impeccable.

gorgeous pic of her daughter Estelle

Collette Dinnigan at home. How divine is that dress...

A lovely note from Estella, Collette Dinnigan's daughter, framed and displayed with fresh blooms

The bathroom also opens directly into a decking area of the garden.

A lesson of how to use strictly neutral and calm palette to great success in the open plan living/dining room.
the room over looks this beautiful tropical oasis

wedding dress by collette dinnningan
collette dinnigan snow white001 Collette Dinnigan Snow White Collection
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love looking through famous peeps homes!xx

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