Friday, July 13, 2012

friday neon

what a dismal week weather wise...lets chase these
grey skies away with some neon in the home

quirky and fun living room, can't help but smile when entering this room
Source:               uplifting office space pleasure to do work in

neon is very uplifting so embrace a tinge of it in your home


 and now for some d.i.y love that is so easy
u will need brown wrapping paper, butchers paper would work
as well...tradies line marking twine
(have u noticed that all things road works are so in vogue colour wise)
wrap coloured twine around parcel...leave or add a tassel
using highlighter pens write message... post it's are another option
as they come in a range of shapes and neon colours
Voila...took 5 mins and not only will you feel good about giving this present
but the receiver will be made to feel that bit more special!

have a great weekend peeps!x

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