Thursday, March 1, 2012

1. Two for the Road — Audrey Hepburn in knits and bright frames, above
2. High Society — Grace Kelly, a white halter…
3. The Swimming Pool — Romy Schneider redefines sexy.
4. Atonement — Kiera Knightley lounges in style
5. The Girl in the Bikini — The title says it all for Brigitte Bardot.
6. Dr. No — Before there was Craig, before there was Halle, there was Ursula.
7. Goodbye, Columbus — Ally MacGraw’s classic country club cool
8. Neptune’s Daughter — Esther Williams was the original bathing beauty.
9. Fast Times at Ridgemont High — Phoebe Cates’ red hot bikini
10. Blue Crush — Little surfer girl Kate Bosworth rules. So do her boy shorts.

just read this on tory burch anything to do with the beach and bikini's
First day of Autumn here in the land of oz and no sign of it cooling down (yah)
the beach is calling me and so are a few of the movies (above) x

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