Sunday, March 11, 2012

playing around

meant to post these on fri, but life got in the way
so to set the scene, the sun was shining, temp just right,
angus and julia stone playing candle the house
and then this happened
i got side tracked by the garden and i thought what a great looking
natural chanderlier, so using my iphone and the camera + app(love)
this is what happened

how cool are the photo's once there enhanced by 
the camera + app wait there's more

cool huh...then i went for a bike ride down to the local shops and
found these treasures at vinnies

best day in long easily pleased!xo


  1. Oh, you lucky lucky girl : ) Wonderful photo's Jody! Looks like you live in a warm area. Nothing but rain here in The Southern Highlands of NSW. I love your outdoor area! Great finds at your local Vinnies too!!! Take a Lotto ticket ; ) xo

  2. thanks kim... need a lotto ticket after the day i had...yes live on the goldcoast!x