Monday, December 10, 2012

Pantone's colour of the year is 
Emerald Green

while not a huge fan of green it certainly takes a room to another level
fresh vibrant and a little bit of glamour...not for the faint hearted!!!


while looking for pics for this post, there seems to be  a common thread to achieve balance and harmony
with emerald green You need the grounding  colours of black and white to pull this look together
the emerald green pops out to create a fresh visual delight
For a truly glamourous bold interior the use of magenta and gold takes a room to a whole other level

where will you be using pantone's colour of the year???
For those who need a simple low cost way of introducing this colour into your home, look no further
then your garden...big bold leafy foliage placed in a beautiful cut glass vase will get you the chic look
without effecting your bank balance!x

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